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What to buy? Condo or House?

Are you looking for houses for sale in Milton, Ont, and struggling to decide between a house and a condo? Before investing in any, it is essential to know how they are different from each other. Houses and Condos both have their pros and cons, and the more you look, the more dissimilarities you fill find out between them. Condominiums, condos for short and single-family houses, are two of the largest homes available. Both these options will allow you to be a homeowner. Many people choose single-family homes over condos, depending upon their needs, budget, lifestyle preferences, and space needs.

What is the difference between a condo and a house?

The most significant similarity between a house and a condo is that both are a type of residential property owned by an individual. When you decide to buy either, you decide to own a property and are accountable to pay property taxes every year.

When we talk about houses, we talk about detached family homes, where you own the land on which it is built. Single-family homes or houses come in various sizes, styles, and shapes, from bungalows to mansions, from one-level ranch to Victorian dwelling houses. Houses are generally detached and stand alone with the land surrounding them. They are larger than condos and usually are separated from another residential real estate. Single-family house owners own the home building, and the land on it is built.

Whereas, when you look for condos for sale Milton, Ontario, you’ll see that condos are single units in a large building with neighbors below, above, and next to you. The condo is a multi-family dwelling, but it can also be in form of a row house. The most common type of condo is an apartment. In condos, the owner owns the condo unit they live in, not the land it is built on or a building. The area outside the home is shared with other condo owners in the same building.

Difference between house vs. Condo-

Cost- The cost of houses for sale in Milton, Ontario, is likely higher than condos for sale Milton Ontario. Condos are less expensive than single-family homes in the real estate market across the country. Condos come with lower price tags and are great for a starter home. The median price for single-family homes in 2020 was $314,330, whereas condos were $272,220. But condos come with monthly homeowners association fees.

Insurance- Homeowner Insurance for condos is less expensive than for single-family homes. In condos, they are responsible for the “walls in” aspect, which means the interior of their home, and the homeowner association is responsible for the exterior, like roofing, siding, etc. Owners of houses must insure their entire building structure, roofing, foundation, siding, flooring, and detached building like sheds or garages.

Maintenance- Homeowners for condos only have to maintain areas inside their units, like appliances, HVAC units, and pest control. HOA is responsible for exterior maintenance in a condo community. But, homeowners for single-family homes are responsible to maintain the entire building, including exterior and yard maintenance.

Selling- It is easy to put houses for sale in Milton, Ontario, than to sell a condo. Before you put condos for sale Milton, Ontario, you will require to check your current due dates and other rules to comply with HOA. HOA may also look into buyers for condos which limits.

Who should buy a single-family home in Milton, Ontario, for sale?

Single-family houses for sale in Milton, Ontario, are a big and more spacious than condo homes. They are an ideal home for individuals starting a family, with a growing family, or individuals who want complete control of the aesthetics and structure of their home. Single-family homes are best for individuals who want privacy and don’t want to share their space with others.

Advantages of House-

Fewer Restriction- One of the benefits of being a house owner is you are less or freer to do what you like. If you want to decorate the exterior of your house as per your taste, you can. If you like to add solar panels in the backyard or roof, you can without worrying about HOA rules.

More Spacious- A single-family homes have large indoors than a condo. You will have access to outdoor spaces, roofs, backyards, and other spaces of your home.

Privacy- A typical single-family house doesn’t share any space with neighbors like a condo. It gives more privacy to homeowners.

Disadvantages of the house-

A single-family house is more expensive than a condo of the same size. You will need to consider additional factors like insurance and maintenance, which are also high for a single-family house. You will also take care of maintenance work, such as exterior repairs, shoveling snow, yard work, etc., alone. With family homes, you will have fewer amenities than in a condo. In condos, people often share spaces for exercise, socializing, and relaxation.

Who should buy a condo for sale Milton, Ontario?

Buying a condo home in Milton, Ontario for sale is great for first-time home buyers who want to own a home than renting it. A condo is also a great option for homeowners looking to downsize from single-family homes since maintenance and taking care of them is expensive. In condos, the maintenance of the building is taken care of by HOA. It is an ideal home for people who travel often.

Advantages of Condo-

Affordability- Condos are available at a low price than single-family homes, making them ideal for first-time buyers with minimum down payment and individuals wanting to scale down.

More perks- Condo communities offer amenities like a playground, pool, security systems, gyms, and other perks to condo owners.

Less maintenance- Condo unit owners don’t have to worry about the maintenance of their property like single-family homeowners. They are responsible for maintaining the inside of the unit.

Disadvantages of Condo-

The condo community charges monthly HOA fees to cover exterior maintenance and other expenses, which include insurance coverage of the whole property. Condo owners have no role or say in setting these fees. They may also cover extra expenses from time to time. The condo shares walls with other condos. So, homeowners have less privacy or silence than you would want. You’ll also have to share amenities and spaces. There is no freedom to decorate the condo or exterior of your unit.


If you are still confused between Condos Vs. Houses for sale in Milton Ont, then the representatives at Team Hilson will be be glad to assist you in buying your property. Get in touch with us today.

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